FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my magazine subscription to begin?
The industry standard magazine delay times are 6-12 weeks. Weekly subscriptions generally take 6-12 weeks. Monthly subscriptions generally take 8-12 weeks to start. This is the maximum standard processing times on most magazine orders, and they remain constant regardless of which company the order is placed.

Why does it take so long?
Most of the publishers use just a handful of “fulfillment houses” business which tabulates and processes the millions of orders, and perform the actual sorting and mailing, that takes a lot of time. Additionally, most magazines are printed months in advance, and each printing is pre-allocated only to the amount of subscribers at the actual time of printing.

How soon should I renew my subscriptions with your company?
Since magazines can take 6-12 weeks to start, you should renew your subscriptions at least 12 weeks prior to their expiration date. This guarantee that you will not have a lapse in your subscription. In the event of lapse, once the new subscription picks up, you will receive the full length of the subscription.

Do you send out the magazines?
No, we receive subscription order forms Independent Contractors throughout the United States, and we process those orders. We do not sell or rent your personal information to others.

What is your privacy policy?
We are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we receive about you to process orders. We do not sell or rent your personal information to others.

How would I cancel my order?
Cancellations done within 3 business days: Sign and date the back of the pink copy of you receipt and mail to: Unified Doers Management Group, LLC, and 2012 C Street NE Suite B Washington, DC 20002. The other alternative is to fax front and back of the receipt to 202-898-0064. This would need to be faxed over or postmarked by midnight of the 3rd day.

How can I check the status of my order?
You may contact Customer Service between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday- Friday(202.898.1121). Please have correspondence number available.

Are you a non-profit organization?
No, we are a for-profit organization. None of our orders are tax deductible. We cannot take donations but will accept gift orders.